Shower seating is a great way to improve the safety and comfort of your bathing experience. This cost-effective safety feature can be added to any traditional shower design with minimal disruptions.

However, there are several variations of shower seating you can choose for your current shower. This article will cover the different shower seating options and how to choose which one is right for you.

Built-In Shower Seats

If you want a seamless shower seating option for your bathroom, the best option is a built-in seat. The built-in seating can be customized to match the design of the shower walls.

As a permanent shower seating option, the seats are installed on the wall studs in the bathroom for superior stability. However, it's best to work with an experienced bathroom remodeling company to ensure proper installation.

Fold-Down Seats

For households with varying bathing needs, the fold-down shower seat is the ideal option. When the shower seating is unnecessary, the occupant can lift it to increase space in the shower.

If someone has mobility restrictions, the seat can be lowered to meet their bathing requirements. These shower seats come in a wide range of sizes and colors to ensure the best fit. 

Moveable Shower Seats

When you need a shower seat that you can remove and transport, a moveable shower seat is a good option. These shower seats can be placed in the shower to be used and removed to be cleaned.

Additionally, the seat can be used in more locations than a shower and can be placed anywhere needed. If you travel frequently and require a shower seat, this is a good option to own. 

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