Whether you are looking to sell or plan on staying in your current home for many years to come, extra closet space is a great home addition.  It is a small addition that can be a great return on investment and offer more storage space for you.

There are many options when creating new closet space.  You could add a shoe closet near your front entrance, a linen closet near your laundry machine or even a walk-in closet for your master bedroom.  Home owners love to see storage space for all of those items you like to keep tucked away.  A walk-in closet in the bedroom is a great selling point that many home buyers are looking for these days.  It is the small amenities like a large, walk-in in the master bedroom that convince a homeowner one home is more livable than another.

Not only in a closet addition a great selling point, it is also an addition that will easily and often be used by your household.  De-clutter your bedroom by building a walk-in closet to tuck away that clothing and create more usable space.