home office

An extra bedroom is the perfect location for a home office! With the privacy, space and functionality that comes with a traditional bedroom, transforming it into a home office can be quick and efficient—and doesn’t have to break the bank.

If you regularly work from home in a kitchen, dining room or other area, a spare bedroom would be a great upgrade. Besides the added privacy and square footage, having your home office in a single designated area (that you don’t have to keep moving around) makes it easy for you to keep home and work completely separated.

Working from home with family or roommates can sometimes be challenging. Having your own work space will make it easier to focus while simultaneously eliminating many bothersome interruptions and distractions. You even have the potential for tax breaks when you work in a separate office!

So how do you start remodeling a room into a home office? Simple! Call Homewerks Inc.! HomeWerks makes your home shine from the inside out, with our expertise in Chicagoland home remodeling. We can help you customize your new office to fit your unique needs and budget. We can make you the home office of your dreams! Call us today at (708) 888-0058 or fill out our quick, online form for a FREE estimate!