Because the weather in Chicago vastly differs between seasons, it’s hard to know when the best time for a home remodel is. Summer is warm, but busy as a result, making it’s hard to get an appointment with a quality remodeler. On the contrary, winter is slow for most remodelers, causing them to offer specials. However, the bitter cold and snowy weather could potentially hinder the speed of their work. So when is the best time to remodel your home? In an attempt to answer this question, our Chicago remodeling company has picked out the positives and negatives of each season.  



Pleasant weather allows remodelers to work at maximum efficiency.

Daylight savings allows remodelers to work longer hours and complete project faster.

No need to worry about hot or cold air entering your house as remodelers enter and exit.

Paint reacts better to cooler temperatures.


Nice weather makes it a busy season, depriving you of flexibility in scheduling.

High demand for remodelers also makes services more expensive.



More daylight means remodelers can work longer hours.

Warm weather enables remodelers to work efficiently. 

Kids are on summer break so you can take a vacation during the renovation.

Outdoor additions such as a deck can be used for the remainder of the season.


Chance of unbearable heat and humidity that can slow down the performance of workers.

High demand raises costs of remodeling services and lowers flexibility in scheduling.

Heat and humidity creeping in from open doors could cause excessive use of air conditioning.



Cool weather allows remodelers to work harder and longer without overheating or getting sick.

Less demand for remodeling projects, so costs are a little lower.

Lower demand also creates more flexibility in scheduling.  

Paints react better to cool weather.

Weather not cold enough to make your home uncomfortably chilly through open doors and windows.


Sun sets earlier, which shortens the work day and extends your project’s timeline as a result.

Any outdoor additions won’t see much use with winter right around the corner.



Cheapest season for home remodeling.

Low demand makes scheduling more flexible.

Easier to obtain necessary permits.

Holidays give you reason to be out of the house while work is being done.


Extreme weather conditions are likely to extend the timeframe of your project.

Sun sets early, shortening the work day and extending your project’s finish date.

Cold air likely to enter your house and cause an increase in the use of your heating.

Wetness and dirt from outside may get tracked into your home.

So there you have it. Each season has its positives and negatives; it basically comes down to whether you value your comfort over time and money or vice versa. When you do decide on a time to start your home remodeling project, contact Homewerks Inc. We offer monthly specials on a variety of our services, so there is always a good deal to take advantage of. Call our Chicago remodeling company or fill out our online form to receive your free estimate today!