As the holiday season approaches, one thing is certain: Chicagoland is headed into the heart of winter. Although the next few months will be filled with the merriment of holiday get-togethers and family, the season’s harsh cold can be quite hard on your home—and your wallet.

But the good news?By taking just a few steps—from quick D.I.Y. tricks to full-scale energy efficient remodeling—you can cut down significantly on your heater use, electricity bills, and environmental impact this winter.

Winter Energy Effeciency

Read on for 6 simple recommendations to maximize your home’s energy efficiency in winter:

1. Take Advantage of Sunshine

Unlike most other heating solutions, sunshine is free! Whenever it’s sunny outside, pull open your curtains and let in as much light in as possible. Close the curtains just as the sun sets to keep the day’s warmth inside.

2. Add Some Drapery

Although it’s important to open your home up to natural sunlight, it’s equally important to close out chilly air when the sun isn’t shining. Adding thick, insulated curtains will help keep cool air from entering your home through the windows. You can even add curtains to exterior doorways for extra protection.

3.Eliminate Drafts

Did you know that drafty doors and windows can waste up to 30 percent of your costly heating? There are hundreds of simple improvements you can make to eliminate unwanted drafts: adding rubber or vinyl weatherstripping, placing door sweeps on external doors, and even making your own draft snake—a rolled up towel, blanket, or filled pillow that lays along the bottom of your door to block out freezing air.

4. Install Storm Doors

Placed on the outside of your entry doors, storm doors add an extra layer of protection to keep your climate-controlled air in and cold air out.They’re also great for allowing in sunlight! For the best in heat retention and energy efficiency, look for door models that are ENERGY STAR-certified.

5. Improve Your Insulation

It’s easy to forget about insulationwe never really see it, right? But like any other part of your home, insulation does get old and worn down. Installing more current insulation in your attic and walls will save money on heating costs because less heated air escapes your home. Here’s an extra pro tip: be sure to insulate your attic access door.

6. Upgrade Your Windows and Doors

Although even the simpler D.I.Y. tricks will help increase your home’s energy efficiency this winter, one of the best—and most lasting—ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency is to work with a trusted home improvement company to install state-of-the art windows and doors. With special features like argon gas and vinyl weatherstripping, ENERGY STAR-certified windows and doors are simply the best option for lasting energy efficiency at the highest standards.

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