HomeWerks A+ BBB Rating

You’ve probably seen it time and time again across hundreds of home service businesses: A+ Rating with the BBB. The bathroom remodelers of Homewerks Inc. are proud to hold this title, too. Because we’re dedicated to educating our customers, we think it’s important that you know exactly what this title means about our business.


What is The Better Business Bureau?

The Better Business Bureau is an organization designed to help consumers choose only the reliable companies that stand by their word. Using a strict code of business ethics, they protect buyers from scams, legal trouble, and flat-out lies. From ensuring honest advertising and regulatory compliance, to protecting your data, the BBB works to keep foul-play out of business.


Origins of the A+ Rating

An A+ rating not only means that the BBB received enough information from a business to evaluate its conduct, it also means that the company in question has a proven track record of excellence and honesty. These are just some of the factors that the BBB takes into consideration:
  • Business complaints filed
  • Type of business activities
  • Transparency of practices
  • Licensing and legal history
  • Honesty of advertising

Why Choose a Business With an A+?

There are thousands of certifications, qualifications, partnerships, and licenses that a remodeling company can acquire to prove their efficacy. We have a few, but a BBB rating is an industry standard that can’t be ignored. When it comes to remodeling services, there are hundreds of ways the average Mr. Fix-it can put up a listing of services or even start a business–but none of that secures a job well done for you. This is especially important when it comes to legal concerns– since just one code violation can potentially result in a world of legal trouble, personal danger, and loss of investment.

Homewerks Inc. strives for excellence in every aspect of our business, and our A+ Rating with the BBB is just one of the many ways we can prove it. Call now to discover more about our quality remodeling services, or fill out our online form to request an estimate from our team!