Remodeled Bathroom

The spacious master suite with large windowsand hardwood floors would look less inviting with an outdated private bathroom.Your powder room decorated in early 90s decor certainly wouldn't impress anyguests. Not to mention, the drawbacks of having an old, worn out sharedbathroom for the kids. At HomeWerks, we have seen many homeowners put extraeffort into keeping the public areas of their homes looking like new. Yet, alltoo often the bathroomrenovations are neglected.

Simply because these spaces are out of theway, doesn't mean that they don't add to the overall impression and function ofthe home. Your bathroom is a space that you use on a daily basis. If it isout-of-style, damaged, or non-functional, your day is a little less pleasant.

Our Chicago Bathroom Remodelers Provide a RealImprovement

Unlike other Chicago bathroomremodeling companies, we complete true bathroom renovations with lasting results. Ourteam of trained, licensed contractors work with you to create the look you wantand the style you crave. We'll remodel the shower, the tub, replace a sinkvanity, and even expand the bathroom. Our services are in-depth, allowing youto completely change up the look and organization of your space to better fityour lifestyle.

What kind of bathroom remodeling services can HomeWerksprovide?

● Home Additions: Have our team build a newbathroom onto your home or within your home for a growing family.

● Bath Expansion: Make a too tight room biggerand better with a bathroom expansion.

● Bath Conversion: Our team will replace abathtub with a shower and install a full-size bath in place of a shower or evena smaller tub.

● Bathroom Remodeling: Give your old bathroom an update with new paint, tiles, fixtures,lighting, and flooring. Our design team is available to help you create theperfect look.

● Replace Fixtures: Replace the tub or showerenclosure to give your bathroom an easy refresh and make it more functionalagain.

From the little luxuries that make using thebathroom a treat to the practical improvements that make it livable, HomeWerkscan handle renovations of all scopes and sizes. With our skilled Chicago bathroom remodelerson the job, you can expect lasting results backed by superior warranties. Formore information about how you can make that bathroom shine, give us a phonecall or fill out our online form. We'll be happy to setup a free bathroomconsultation with one of our experts.