Home remodeling can be an exciting time in a family's life and the kitchen is a popular place to start. Many homeowners use the kitchen as a central gathering place for friends, and it's an area that you'll be using in your own life every day. If it's been years since you've upgraded the look, now is a great time to do so!

With that in mind, many homeowners are hesitant about the Chicago kitchen remodeling process. This article will help alleviate some of your concerns and inform you about what to expect during every stage of the remodel.

The Planning Stages

Before you can even begin any work, you'll need to develop a comprehensive plan for your kitchen remodel. Elements like design must be considered so that your kitchen remodeling company will know which direction to take. In many cases, your remodeler may have a variety of preset models that you can choose from, making the process that much easier.

During the planning phase, you'll also have to apply for the necessary permits, if required by your jurisdiction. However, most remodeling companies will do this for you.

Kitchen Remodeling Demolition

After planning the remodel, the work begins. Your remodeling crew will help to tear down the existing fixtures and flooring so that they can begin from scratch. You'll typically have a large dumpster on your property where everything will go, and your home may look like a construction site for a few days. However, a skilled Chicago remodeling company will be sure to clean as they go.

​​Adding Structural Components

Once the kitchen is a clean slate, your interior contractors will start getting to work building it back out. They'll tackle a variety of projects like:

  • Electrical Wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Cabinet Installations
  • Flooring Installations

Finishing Touches

The final installation process is the fun part, as you'll start to see your kitchen come to life. Your contractors will begin adding the finishing touches like countertops, painting, trims, and appliances. After a couple of days of work, you'll be left with a breathtaking remodel that made the process all worth it.

Chicago's Top Kitchen Remodeling Company

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