I once heard somebody say, “I’m only truly alive during football season.” This might be true for a lot of people.

Football season is a special time, an exciting time. It can be difficult. It can be exhilarating. It can be frustrating. Most importantly, it can bring people together: friends at a bar, families on Thanksgiving – these are the times we cherish and remember (and usually, Al Michaels’ voice is somewhere in the background).

Which brings me to my point: HomeWerks is much more than just a Chicago home remodeling company. We’re a family, and as such, you better believe we enjoy bringing other families the enjoyment and satisfaction of a great space to watch football and come together.

Whether you enjoy watching in the living room with the smell of bubbling nacho cheese coming from the kitchen or in the basement, with the surround sound and plasma TV, the professionals at HomeWerks can reinvent whatever space you want – making it more inviting and more spacious!

HomeWerks has been helping people make the most of their living environment since 1996, when a team of carpentry experts came together with the sole purpose of making home improvement and Chicago interior remodeling easier for people – not stressful!

Call us today – before football season gets into full-swing – and let’s come up with a plan. We’ll give you a free consultation and no-obligation quote. Call us now or go on our website and fill out our quote form to receive your estimate today!